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We ask you to share an idea:  the idea that classical music is not only essential to the cultural life of our community, but we need more of it.


Anacrusis Productions Ltd.  (“Anacrusis”) believes this.  We formed in 2009 to inspire and educate people from all walks of life -- about the value, excitement and relevance of classical music in our lives.  Our mission also extends to finding audiences beyond the concert hall.  By going out to meet people in relaxed, friendly – and sometimes unexpected – places, we seek to build new relationships with the Hampton’s culturally rich and diverse communities, hamlets and villages.


We also announce our commitment to developing and building a legacy of future annual late-summer music projects in the Hamptons, which will serve as a gateway to artistic experiences for the growing number of year-round residents in the Hamptons, and bring together performers and lovers of great music during the ‘off-season’.


This summer, we plan to bring outstanding symphonic music to the residents of the Hamptons in a variety of ways.  Our first project will be centered around the theme of the Hero’s Journey and the Song of Life – defining symbolism in recognition of Beethoven’s 250th birth year.  We are making plans to partner with iconic locations in and around the Hamptons to host our inaugural “The Hamptons Festival of Music” – or “TH·FM” for short! 


We ask you to join our partnership today.  Information on how you can partner with our team on this journey is included below.  If you have any questions regarding this project, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


On behalf of Anacrusis Productions, we sincerely thank you for your consideration of joining us on this special – Heroic Journey and the Song of Life.



Michael Palmer, Artistic Director & Co-Founder

Anacrusis Productions Ltd.

Michael Yip, President & Co-Founder

Anacrusis Productions Ltd.

MP-MY 2019 BFM.jpg

Th·fm - project overview

Anacrusis is pleased to present details of our newest classical music festival project:  The Hamptons Festival of Music, or simply, TH·FM (''Festival"), which is scheduled to launch in September 2022.  The Festival is the brainchild of Maestro Michael Palmer (, who has established, maintained and sustained the Bellingham Festival of Music (, the premier orchestral music festival in the Pacific Northwest, for over 27 years.  In addition, he has helped create other long-standing classical music festivals including:  Lake City Arts, Quartz Mountain Music Festival and Wintergreen Summer Music Festival.  Maestro Palmer recognized the artistic gravitational pull of the East End, which is deeply rooted in the works of many legendary artists, and he bought a home in Springs in 2017.  Building on his legacy as one of the leading American orchestral conductors with a career spanning across half a century, he set plans in motion to create a similar, yet uniquely different music festival experience serving specifically the local, year-round residents in East Hampton and the surrounding hamlets and villages.  


Over the span of one weekend, concertgoers will have the unique opportunity to experience three genres of concert performance:  1) concerto/virtuosic concertos for small ensembles, 2) chamber music, and 3) full concert for symphony orchestra.  The inaugural Festival program will include:

  • A concert featuring all 6 Bach Brandenburg Concertos in one concert;

  • An evening of chamber music, featuring Pepe Romero, classical guitar, as solo guest artist; and

  • A full-length orchestra concert featuring Pepe Romero, classical guitar, performing the iconic Concierto de Aranjuez, by Joaquín Rodrigo; and Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, to celebrate his 250th birth year.


We are pleased to introduce, in addition to the above, a complementary visual arts concept:  The Beethoven Experience - an interdisciplinary arts experience of Beethoven Symphony #7, following the stages of “The Hero’s journey”.  Based on the musical analysis, movements of Symphony #7 will be matched with each step of the Hero’s Journey. It will then form the theme of each visual art exhibition partner. Audiences will be invited to explore the physical journey of the music, literature and visual arts to celebrate the launch of TH.FM 2021.  The visual arts compliment will unfold throughout the Summer of 2022, culminating in the concert performances of TH.FM.  Please explore The Beethoven Experience page for more details.

The Festival Key Dates:  Tuesday, 6 September to Sunday, 11 September 2022

  • Opening Concert – All 6 Bach Brandenburg Concertos:  Friday, 9 September 2022

  • Chamber Music Concert & Solo Recital:  Saturday, 10 September 2022

  • Orchestral Concert Finale – Featuring Beethoven’s 7th Symphony:  Sunday, 11 September 2022

All Festival events will take place at LTV Studios (Local TV Inc.) in Wainscott, NY.

artistic vision

“There is nothing higher than to approach the Godhead more nearly than other mortals and by means of that contact to spread the rays of the Godhead through(out) the human race.”
~ Ludwig van Beethoven

Maestro Michael Palmer has chosen the overarching theme of the Festival to be “The Heroic Journey and the Song of Life”.  Through the exploration of unique performances, multidisciplinary programs and educational outreach, and community engagement, the Festival will seek to highlight the context of music and meaning through the personal lens of the life of Ludwig van Beethoven, as seen in its archetypal form: ‘The Hero’s Journey.’  The heroic journey is a representation of the creative process.  The Festival programs represent the heroic effort put forth by composers and artists.  All of these pieces reflect that effort of humanity to seek knowledge, equality, compassion, love, respect and all the many aspects that bring meaning to our lives.  

It is our proposition that putting paint to canvas, taking pen to paper, and creating sound from notes on music paper are heroic acts that, in the hands of inspired creative geniuses, have produced and continue to produce great artistic creations for our growth and enlightenment.      

the hero's journey

The study and symbolism of hero myth and the Hero’s Journey narrative dates back to the mid-1800s.  One can easily relate the core stages of the Hero’s Journey, made famous by the likes of Carl Jung and in Joseph Campbell’s 1949 work, The Hero with a Thousand Faces.  In modern times, this theme has also influenced other works of art and culture such as:  2001:  A Space Odyssey and Star Wars.  As the foundation and legacy of the Festival, we invite you to explore with us, elements of the Hero’s Journey as seen through the lens of the composers of great classical music masterworks, the likes of Beethoven and Bach.  


Simply put, consider the following:


The Call: Setbacks occur, sometimes causing the composer (the ‘hero’) to try a new approach or adopt new ideas. The Initiation:  The hero experiences a major hurdle or obstacle, such as a life or death crisis, in Beethoven’s case, impending deafness. The Transformation: After surviving personal adversity, the hero earns his reward and accomplishes his goal – the completion and performance of his artistic creation in what has become, works by one of the world’s greatest classical music composers.  The Hero’s Return:  The hero brings the knowledge and growth he has attained to the service of the world.  

HJ journey + donor + arrow.png

sponsorship levels

While the core support and sponsorship of the Festival will be centered around the concert series scheduled to be performed in locations throughout the Hamptons, Anacrusis realizes that long term success and sustainability of the Festival for 2022 and in future years is largely contingent on active engagement with the local community.  Therefore, it is imperative that we develop focused community and educational outreach opportunities in partnership with key East Hampton cultural organizations and arts associations.  Education outreach and interdisciplinary program ideas have been specifically designed with the mission of Anacrusis in mind and we look forward to further exploration of these ideas.  We would be happy to share details of these programs upon request.  


We have established a series of Festival sponsorship levels to help drive and support our projects within the local community and we invite you to be a part of the Hero’s Journey.  Other exclusive, curated sponsorship benefits will be added and provided at a later date, as our support grows for the Festival. 


Below are the highlights of the different levels of support, in how you can be a part of the evolution of the Festival and help bring this unique classical music and art experience to residents and visitors of the Hamptons. 

join the journey @ th·fm

We value your support to help us serve our community through our unique, interdisciplinary classical music and art festival.  Please consider joining us on the journey to making the Festival a reality. 


We have established two options for you to make your donations, securely and easily through our following partners:

PayPal Donations



Advertising opportunities are available to corporations, business and individual supporters, based on the above levels of support.  The primary advertising opportunities are through the Festival program book and other forms of media, including print and social.  


Advertising and promotional opportunities include the following:

  • HERO’S LEVEL - Full page, full color feature ad in the Festival program book    

  • TRANSFORMER’S LEVEL - 1/2-page, full color feature ad in the Festival program book

  • INITIATOR’S LEVEL - 1/4-page feature, 2-color ad in the Festival program book

  • FOUNDER’S LEVEL – General recognition, by name, in the Festival program book

Corporations, businesses and individual supporters can also take advantage of the following additional benefits:

  • Be a Festival Sustainer through a multi-year commitment of your financial support

  • Be a Festival Underwriter through dedicated support of a concert or post-concert party

  • Be a Festival Friend, by offering general support and hands-on, donation of your expertise/service

The Hamptons Festival of Music is a production of Anacrusis Productions Ltd.,

a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and a registered charity in the State of New York. 

All donations are tax deductible.  Our EIN is 45-4903607.

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