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Be a vital member of the team at TH·FM and support the Festival by hosting guest artists and musicians of The New American Sinfonietta, the Festival’s resident orchestra.  By providing complimentary housing to musicians and guest artists you will receive access to some of TH·FM's most exclusive offerings as well as complimentary tickets to performances throughout the festival season. 

TH·FM’s HPP Homestay Partners Program


The Homestay Partners Program is one of the most vital components of a successful and healthy festival season. If you are wanting to support the festival in a non-financial capactiy, please consider becoming a homestay partner today. 

By providing housing for our artists through your generosity, you directly contribute to helping TH·FM offer unforgettable orchestra concert experiences and broad ranging community outreach throughout the Festival season, as we work to make the East End the premier music destination of the Northeast.   


What does a Homestay Partner do?

Homestay partners simply provide complimenary housing in your home or rental property. We do not ask our hosts to provide meals or transportation, nor is there any requirement or expectation of our hosts to actively engage with our musicians during their stay. However, more often than not, rich, life-long friendships often result from housing our wonderful musicians. 


In exchange for your hospitality, we offer our HPP members two (2) complimentary TH·FM Passes, which allows access to Festival outreach events throughout our inaugural season. In addition, HPP members receive access to special events including open rehearsals, private receptions to meet our guest artists and orchestra members and exclusive early access to festival news and updates.   

Become a HPP member today!

Please consider supporting The Hamptons Festival of Music in a crucial way by becoming a Homestay Partner today. Please use the form below to submit your contact information and express your interest in providing housing to world-class musicians as they share their gifts with East Hampton. 


Apply to become a Homestay Partner

Thanks for submitting!

Photography by Barry Gordin. 2022. 

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