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2023 Salon Series 

TH·FM's Community Outreach Programs
April 15 5PM, LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY

"Spring @ LongHouse" - Meet the Maestro & Beethoven's Spring Sonata

A exclusive cocktail reception and benefit event to celebrate the partnership of LongHouse Reserve & TH·FM.


Guests will have the opportunity to meet TH·FM's Artistic Director, Maestro Palmer, hear details of the 2023 season from both arts organizations, and will experience a very special concert performance of Beethoven's Spring Sonata, featuring TH·FM's Chamber Players - Brandt Fredriksen, piano and Nicolas Danielson, violin...all in the LongHouse Pavilion.

For details on this exclusive event and how to purchase your tickets, visit LongHouse.

August 14 5PM, Herrick Park, East Hampton Village, NY

"Music & Concert"

Experience the classic Chaplin film - A Dog's Life projected in Herrick Park in the Village, while the TH·FM Salon Orchestra performs the film score live on stage.


In partnership with The Hamptons International Film Festival, TH·FM presents this free concert to the community, where family and friends will enjoy this very unique experience to truly enjoy "Music & Concert"!  

August 19 5PM, LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY

"The Seasons @ LongHouse"

A special immersive concert experience focused on Piazzola’s Four Seasons of Buenos Aries, performed against the backdrop of the natural beauty and art on the LongHouse Reserve.


Guests will experience TH·FM's Salon Orchestra performing Piazzola's tango-inspired, virtuosic music in the very unique setting of the glassed-in, lower level of Jack Lenor Larsen's home.  This special concert will feature violin soloist, Annie Chalex-Boyle with Maestro Palmer, conducting.

Please check back soon for details on how to reserve your seat.

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